Sunday, January 23, 2011

Twenty-Three Reasons Why I Hate This Coat Rack

Just kidding...I am not going to list twenty-three reasons why I hate this coat rack.  But I could if I wanted. 
I have to say, I love our house.  We bought it eighteen years ago (it was my engagement ring, for goodness sake!) and it has been through too many major remodeling projects to count.  We have invested so much of ourselves in this place.  It really is home.
Having said that, I am frustrated at the moment by this little gathering spot of clutter at our kitchen door.
I am fighting the urge to completely change the whole area.  However, it involves moving my large desk with all my computer gear, the internet connection, etc.
How do you deal with inside-the-door clutter?


  1. I believe it is a universal problem unless you have a mud room off the garage. Do you have a space for a small low bookkcase type thing with a couple of shelves for shoes,a purse etc. then, hang coats somewhere else? I used to have a basket inside the door for shoes. Our house is small, so I'm always limited. Good luck. Look through the IKEA catalog...they are great for organizing.

  2. Yes, our clutter zone is the kitchen island. Everything lands there. It bugs me too.