Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I must begin with a confession:  I never thought I would be one of THOSE people.  What kind of "people" you ask?  One of those women with a "foo-foo" dog.  You know what I'm talking about.  Those cute little dogs that belong in purses and wear sweaters that cost more than people versions.
In September of 2009, our family lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Chipper.  We were devestated.  As the one who spent more time at home with the dog than anyone else, I quickly realized how much company a dog was to me.  Enter Spud. 
I knew I couldn't get another "big" dog right away.  I began my search on the local sales website.  Three days after Chipper died my amazing husband, who puts up with my crazy ideas, drove me to a nearby town to see this puppy I had decided was to be ours.  Spud was supposed to be a miniature Maltipoo.  There's not much miniature about him.  Especially concerning his fur.  The first Tuesday of every month he takes a trip to the Dog House of Beauty.  Here's a before and after from Spud's day at the spa:

We call him "Spud" because we decided he looked like a little tater tot (and my husband refused to go out in the yard and call for "Cinnamon"). 
So anyway, go ahead, make fun.  I am one of THOSE people with a silly, fluffy dog - who happens to fill a spot in my heart left by a one-hundred pound predecessor.
(Be it so noted that in my determination to notice the little joys in my life, I photographed a dog in the car.  Consider first Tuesdays of every month documented!)
I am hoping there are other animal lovers who can appreciate a good dog makeover today!


  1. super cute dog! it's ok to be one of "those" people. :)

  2. I am one of "those People" too! I have two dachshnds whom i adore. I call them my kids.