Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day Twenty-Seven

I am so very excited about the package that just arrived at my house:

my notebook for the Karen Russell Photographer's Workshop.  I am auditing the course and it starts next week!  The notebook is full of details that make me smile:  she signed my name and her's inside the book, she included a pen, and it matches perfectly with the website.  I am giddy with anticipation.  Of course, it helps that I have a general passion for three-ring binders.

On a side note, how often (or do you) change your blog layout?  When I started this blog in December, I had no idea where to begin.  I don't want to change it too often, but I was getting tired of the dark brown and wanted something a little more cheery.  I took the title photo this morning and just loved the colors.  I wanted to incorporate it into my blog because it makes me smile.  The quote on top of the picture was the song playing on my ipod while I worked.  For a person who doesn't like change very much, I seem to be doing lots of it lately.  I have even changed how I do laundry

Do those of you who have been blogging for awhile have any pointers for a newbie?


  1. Love your header photo. Have fun with the class!

    I don't change mine often. I need to update the header on mine. I wish I knew how to personalize it.

  2. Lucky you for the workshop! I love your header photo. Beautiful.

  3. Ooo- how fun! I've heard great things about that workshop. Over the past year I have changed my blog up once. I'm pretty sure that I will be changing it up again within the next few months. I'm getting a little frustrated with the way that blogger, flickr and facebook refuse to play nicely with each other :)

  4. Lucky you to get to do the KR workshop! I hope you can share some tid bits with us along the way. I like the new look of the blog, but it did throw me for a loop when I first opened it up and didn't know where I was. The new font is very cool too.

  5. Enjoy the workshop and please let us all know what you thought about it!

    I haven't changed my blog since I started it last year. I had great intentions on changing things up and then I remembered how frustrating it was for me the first time around.

    I love the look of your new layout, but the font is a little difficult to read.