Friday, January 7, 2011

The Morning View and Friday Clean-Up

This was the view of our table as I drank my coffee this morning...

I love how our Bibles are stacked one on top of another.

And here's my Friday afternooon routine that sometimes carries into Saturday:

This is the pile of dishes waiting to be washed following Friday Bible study and prayer group that I host in our home each week.  I cook lunch for, pray and study with six of the most amazing women. The clean-up is very worth it!  On a photography note, the picture I took of my lovely non-dripping faucet was SO under-exposed that it ended up full of noise after tweaking the RAW file.  I was proud of myself for doing better with the exposure on this one!  (Yay for manual!)  Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Personally, I like how your bibles look used!! That's like mine! Pages ready to fall out, full of stick notes and markers. Love it.

  2. Love both of these! Wish I had a group like that to get together with. So glad you do!