Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday

Thank you, Tracy.  I needed that.

Here's a couple of quick catch-ups and a more lengthy one:
Day Forty-Five
This is a project I have been working on to hang above the bed in our master bedroom. I found with the 365 project I am ending up with a lot of still life photos that I want to use.  This was a reclaimed wood door that I made into a frame. I plan to do a whole post on how I did it in hopes of getting reposted on

Day Forty-Six
 We are enjoying the sunshine here and so are our cats.

And finally, Day Forty-Seven
Today I received an AARP card in the mail.  And you know what, it made me happy.  Not because I am old enough to be an AARP member - I have several years to wait.  In fact, the small group of high school girls that I lead a Bible study for on Wednesday afternoons were shocked that I was (gasp!) 38!  Now that I think about that for a little while, I'm perplexed, frankly.  Do I not look 38?  Or do they think that 38 is really THAT OLD?  Hmmmm.... I may have to revisit that discussion.
No, the reason getting an AARP card in the mail made me smile was it means I am alive.  Earlier yesterday I received a phone call telling me that an acquaintance had died unexpectedly due to complications during back surgery.  Her son and mine have played sports together for years.  We have gone out to dinner together.  She has been in my home.  She brought Kate presents when she had surgery.  She was my age.  A young mother of three.  A wife.  A talented EMT and teacher.  It is the sort of tragedy that catches your breath.
So yes, AARP people, I am getting older.  And yes, several years from now I will be old enough to carry one of your cards.  And while I am not at that age now, I will treasure your letter because it means that I am alive and as my sweet Grandmother says about growing older, what's the alternative?
I, for one, will breathe today.  And enjoy life.  And try to remember to not get so bogged down in the details that I forget to be thankful for another day. 


  1. Love the door turned frame. Can't wait to see the how to post.

    I am reminded often by my kids and their friends that I'm old (almost 38 too). But I just tell them that's better than the alternative. So sorry to hear about your friend :-(

  2. That frame is fabulous!

    Yes, life is precious... the family and friends of your acquaintance will be in my prayers.

  3. i like your sentiments about AARP here. nice post. the photos in that old door, now a frame are really something!

  4. I love your door frame and can't wait to see the post on how you did it.

    My mother just passed away from complications of a routine, elective hernia surgery. Needless to say, I'm devastated and it's really changed my whole outlook on life. I'm so much more aware and appreciative of the blessing I have and am trying not to take anything for granted any more.

  5. I also love the door frame and am looking forward to your post. Again, I think we would have fun shopping together. I have a couple old house/barn windows with the glass in them that we redid to use for frames. I am looking forward to garage sale season again this year!

    I like the angle you shot the cat picture at! There is always something about window shots that just draw me in...

  6. What a beautiful frame you've made! I look forward to reading how you did it.