Monday, February 7, 2011

Day Thirty-Seven (I think?) Oops...Thirty-Eight

I knew it was inevitable that I would lose count of my days.  Numbers are not my thing, which could explain why God knit me together with a banker.  So, thank you, blog friends, for your kindness in not mentioning how terribly off my day-counting has been this past week.  Wow.  I confess I would not have even noticed had it not been for reading all of your well-counted blogs.  Oh well. 
The plans I had for today were changed.  I ended up with some free time that I did not expect.  Yipee for me!  I realized that when I am home by myself at lunchtime, I default to my Mom's habit of eating and reading at the counter.  Thanks, Mom, for the bad habit of eating and reading.  I must admit that after a stressful week it felt lovely to relax munching on fruit salsa with cinnamon chips while reading my first lesson in The Photographer's Workshop

On that note, I give you today's picture(s).  The lesson today was on composition and being intentional about how you compose a shot - looking for distractions, etc.  After I took my first lunchtime picture, I looked around at the space and realized how much clutter was in the background. 

A little straightening up and a change of angle...

Still not a perfect picture (it's a stool for goodness sake) but I can see the benefits of slowing down long enough to be intentional about the composition as opposed to just shooting away!


  1. Slowing down is so key! Can't wait to see what else you'll learn in the workshop :) Love your barstools!

  2. What a great lesson! I also can't wait to see what you learn!

  3. Awesome! This is something I've been really working on too. I tend to ignore the distractions and background a lot of the time.

  4. Slowing down! I always need to remind myself of that! I like your example photos!

  5. Thanks for the tips. I like the nice light coming in the window, and the reflections in the countertop.

  6. One of the best tips I learned from a photo class years ago was after you take your shot, stop, take a look again, and figure out another angle to take the shot from to make it different. I do this often and am amazed at what I can come up with so easily if I just slow down and think outside my box for a minute.

    Looking forward to hearing/seeing what else you learn.