Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Thirty-Two

(It suddenly becomes harder to count the days off the top of my head!)
Today was another of those proud-mom moments.  Sam is taking a Communications Technology class this semester.  One of their first activities is publishing the school paper this month.  Sam has been calling businesses all over town to get advertisers for the paper.  Today one of the local banks called him back on his cell phone.  He had the most mature, professional conversation with the caller.  His grammar was appropriate, he was polite, he provided sure answers, he took her name and number with a promise to call back tomorrow with the answers he didn't know.  I was so proud! 
Disclaimer:  Texting while driving in Tennessee is against the law.  I cannot imagine what taking photographs with my dslr would get me!


  1. Probably jail! But, stopped at a light or a RR crossing...that's different.

  2. The rewards of being a mom! Looks like he is taking this very serious and I love how you captured that!

  3. Awww! I bet you were very proud! They grow up to fast!

  4. Good for him! Great shot! I hope you were stopped at least?

  5. great shot! what a great moment for you as well!