Friday, February 11, 2011

Catch-Up Day

Bear with me as I catch up on posting this week's pictures:

Day Forty
Hello, we are the Officer family and we are Hershey's Syrup addicts.  Seriously, how many bottles does one family need?  Apparently at least six.

Day Forty-One
I actually got Sam to help me with some shots for my photography class.  I think he looks so handsome.  Kind of angry, but handsome none the less.

Day Forty-Two
The life of a dog.  Must be nice.


  1. Good job catching up :). Love the one of your dog! LOL!

  2. Feel free to send us some chocolate syrup! LOL Love your doggie capture!!!

  3. Hehe, you can never have too much chocolate syrup :)

  4. Love these! And I agree-no such thing as too much chocolate :-)

  5. Chocolate, did someone say chocolate? Where? I'll be right over...and then I'll end up like the dog on the couch! Your household and I would get along well!