Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day Thirty-Nine

My Dad rode with me to Knoxville today to pick up my vehicle.  (It has been at the dealership for warranty-work for over a week.)
Dad needed to stop at Kroger to pick up some of his special coffee that you can't find anywhere.
On the way in the door, there was the most beautiful bucket of lovely pink and blue hydrangeas for sale.  He bought me (and Mom) a bouquet.  It has made my cold, snowy world quiet lovely.  Thanks, Dad!

A couple of photo notes:
The texture is from here - a freebie!  I have been wanting to have a pretty flower picture to try.
Today's lessons from the Workshop was about using the rule of thirds in your photos.  To that end, I am trying to be more intentional about slowing down and looking for the best point to focus.


  1. What a sweet dad you have! Those flowers are beautiful! One of my goals is to be more intentional as well!!

  2. Aww, what a sweet gift from your dad. This is beautiful.

  3. What a sweet dad! Gorgeous flowers!

  4. I love that particular flower. Nice shot of it.

  5. You did a beautiful job! That was so sweet of your dad! I love having fresh flowers in the house!

  6. Love the shot and love that they are from your dad!

  7. How sweet your father bought you flowers! Beautiful picture. I posted on my wall, but thought I would post here as well to answer your question about my PP. Hope it is helpful!
    Thanks Jennifer..I keep looking at it thinking it's a bit bright, but I am such a perfectionist and critical of my own work ;)
    Here's what I did...I have CS5 so in ACR I corrected WB and Exposure. I bumped up highlights just a tad as well as lights and lowered the darks a bit. (this is my first share of PP, so hopefully this makes sense :)) Then in CS5 I opened up curves and adjusted my curves a bit. I think I also opened an adjustment layer to increase contrast. Sharpened for the internet and I think that is it. Hope that helps. I am trying to work on clean edits. If I do any running of actions I always first fix skin and colors and then run the action. ;)