Friday, January 6, 2012

I have a cookbook called "A Passion for Baking".  (It's a great resource, by the way.)

And I found myself wondering about passion today.  I mean,
  for baking?

That's some strong wording for flour and water.

Sometimes I wish that I could be really great at one thing.  Really passionate about one thing.  Instead, I find myself dabbling in lots of things.  Is that really profitable?  What would I leave in the dust?  What things would I choose to go all out for?  What would determine my success in those areas?  Is passion always rewarded?

My desk is evidence of my dabbling.  There are supplies for this coming Sunday's teaching, my camera and extra lens, a heart given to me by a high school girl from small group, a sander my man bought me for Christmas, several things that I am working on for my children, a card I am designing for a client.  I could go on and on.  They are very neatly organized and attended to very orderly.  But am I all "in" any of them?  Is it even possible?

I think about the story in the Bible of the "Rich Young Ruler".  Jesus told him the importance of putting aside his riches to follow after the only One who could truly satisfy.  The Bible says the ruler was sad because he had lots of possessions.  I read that story and feel so sorry for the obviously immature young man.  How could he walk away from Jesus in favor of his things?

But has my dabbling become a modern-day form of the same distractions?  Doing everything and yet missing the point?

Maybe it is not about the amount of things I do, but where I find my worth.

I spend a lot of energy seeking affirmation.  If I am really good at  _____ then popularity, praise and payment will follow.  You can fill in the blank with any number of projects I have taken on over the years.

What if this year I strive to step away from
and instead strive for
for the Only One who can truly satisfy?

Would you share your thoughts?  

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