Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day Fifty-Nine

In my mind I have been composing an "I'm sorry" blog post for a few days.
I have been searching for the photo to post.
Rehearsing the words.

I have come to realize it is not the blog I have neglected.
Or the photos.
It's a grateful heart that I have abandoned these last days.

It is in the deliberation of choosing something to capture in pixels that I notice the things around me for which I should be truly grateful - sunrises, chocolate pudding, hard work, technology, growth - none of these profound in their impact, except to remind me how blessed I am.  And by becoming "too busy" to photograph these moments and share my overflowing heart with fellow sojourners I have become too busy to be grateful.

So today I clarify my project goal.  It's not to capture three-hundred-and-sixty-five photos worthy of an Ansel Adams display at a fancy museum.  The goal is not to be "read" by hundreds or discovered as the next best blogger.
No, the goal is to cultivate a thankful heart.


  1. i love the sentiment and i couldn't agree with you more. it's all about the journey and not the destination, so you don't have to be 'sorry' for not posting! thank you! ;)

  2. I agree with Karen! Welcome back, I've been thinking of you :) Love your creativity on the thanks photo!

  3. Photography really can serve as a great way to open our eyes to the beauty of the world around us. God's creation is so miraculous... even the mundane can be gorgeous when looked at in the right way :) Welcome back!

  4. I like your sentiments here and agree with all you said. My 365 has really opened my eyes to the beauty around me. I love the story that photography tells.

  5. I agree with Karen too. Glad you're back. I've missed your posts :-)

  6. So beautifully written! I agree that photography can help us focus on the beauty all around us! I look forward to seeing more of your photos :O) Don't feel like you need to apologize! I think everyone needs to take a break every now and then :O) I know I took a break from commenting for a while since it started to feel like a chore and not a fun way to encourage others :O)

  7. thinkingof you...this is sooooooooo beautifully written...i could have written it myself.